Beware of Sánchez, the incumbent prime minister!

Our concerns are not only about the decree of May 2018 of the Balearic government, stating that the health personnel must prove knowledge in Catalan. This decree has already led to a shortage of doctors in the islands, because many doctors just moved back to the mainland. The previous Madrid government had filed an administrative complaint against this decree. The current Madrid government under Pedro Sánchez has now withdrawn this complaint, as the Balearic government announced triumphantly on Thursday.

"The withdrawal of the complaint against the "Catalan decree" is now being carried out on the basis of the political will of the new Spanish government and talks with the Balearic government," the statement issued on Thursday said. Even before the former delegate of Madrid on the Balearic Islands, María Salom, submitted her appeal, Mos Movem, a movement lead by the Menorcan businesswoman Úrsula Mascaró had already submitted their own complaint against the contraversial decree",reports ABC today, quoting "Mos Movem, which now stands alone against this decree, because it is 'in its entirety and in each and every one of its precepts contrary to law.'"

This message is also in line with yesterday's announcement by "okdiario" that, with the support of Pablo Iglesias (Podemos), the PSOE is planning to have all Spanish children studying Catalan, Gallego and Basque outside the Autonomous Region. How crazy do you have to be to make such a proposal. The Catalan government is supplanting Spanish and the Spanish central government wants to introduce that we should instead learn the regional languages. It would be as if all English now would have to learn Welsh.

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The 21 points proposal from Torra

At the meeting before Christmas Torra handed over a 21 point proposal to the Spanish government. The first proposal is: The "de-Frankoization" of Spain and the isolation of fascism and the ultra right!

I can wholeheartedly agree with this, and many of the leaders of the separatist movement are included in the list of fascists and ultra-rightists, because large parts of the Catalan bourgeoisie themselves have always been among Franco's greatest supporters. And I would expand the list by racists. Racists like Torra himself is one!

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English lessons give a semblance of plurality and democracy!

""Any official recognition of English would give a patina of plurality, universality, and democracy in the future Catalan Republic," that is precisely what Joan Bernat said,who was the political linguistic secretary of the Generalitat.

Gabriel Bibiloni, a professor at the University of the Balearic Islands, makes it clear that "Catalan must be the only official language of the new state." It is necessary to switch off the Spanish communication media, especially television. "

These quotes were made public in August 2016. Why am I writing about it now?


Jacobi: We will recapture freedom in language and education!

In a press conference yesterday in Barcelona, "Nosotros - Partido de Regeneración Social" (WE - Social Regeneration Party) announced the candidacy of Karl Jacobi as mayor for Barcelona.

How does that concern the rest of Spain, we would like to ask?



You do not understand that? Then you are not suitable as a cleaner in the Balearic Islands.

Now they have not only a shortage of physicians in the Balearic Islands, but also a lack of cleaners, because the first condition to hire as a cleaner is the mastery of Catalan.

El Mundo reports today that, for example, in the Institute of Santa Maria, the educational center of Ibiza Town, half of the cleaning staff is missing. It has always been difficult to find personal because the rents are too high and the tourism industry pays better. Now the Balearic government has even lowered the level of language ability from B1 to A2. Nevertheless, there are not enough staff.

One has to ask about the mental state of the separatists. Not only do they endanger the health of the people due to a lack of doctors, they also make a fool of themselves by language quality requirements for cleaning staff. Incidentally, it is not checked whether the applicants can also clean.

Doctors are now allowed to stay

On November 6, we reported that the Valencian government sneakily combined the voting for the budget with a regulation for all civil servants, to prove their Valenciano language skills with a certificate, if they want to keep their jobs. The experience in the Balearic Islands, where already just after 2 months of issue of such a decree the number of doctors leaving was so large that there became a shortage of doctors even up to today. This has made the Valencian government hesitate to impose this rule onto the doctors here in Valencia.

Today, the German Costa Blanca Nachrichten (news) reports that a decision has been made recently and the Valenciano requirement/obligation does not apply to doctors. Moreover, the unions have suggested that instead of imposing Valenciano, the knowledge of that language should be considered a bonus. A reasonable proposal, right?

Petition failed for the time being

Yesterday, Hablamos Español announced that the Oficina del Censo Electoral (Office to count votes) had rejected the petition for which 500,000 signatures had been collected.

The petition contained demands that the Congress of Deputies should consult a bill calling for the freedom of choice of the language to be above all other rules. This also included that parents have the right to decide on the language of their children's education in public schools.


A Good Opportunity To Make NO Money

The German Costa Blanca Nachrichten (news) today publishes details about the book: Catalonia: A conflict is exported. A lot of English residents in the Costa area have already shown their interest in the book but unfortunately it is only published to date in German. The British are not only affected and concernced by Brexit and only a limited number know what is looming with the conflict of Catalonia financed by the separatist's coming to the Costa Blanca.

We are looking for someone to help us with the English text by replacing German examples and comparisons given in the book with relevant and appropriate English ones relating to British life, so it can be better understood by Non-German speakers.


500,000 signatures handed over

Hablamos Español handed over 500,000 signatures to the Spanish electoral census office yesterday morning. These signatures supported a requirement to include the proposal for a law for the freedom of language choice.

For months, activists of the organization had informed the Spanish people that in many areas of nationalist and separatist movements, the right to use Spanish, especially in educational institutions, is being curtailed and strengthened by the collection of signatures to demand for the Law on Linguistic Choice.

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Valenciano is coming? Qualified doctors leave!

You want your peace and enjoy Spain? Understandable. But that is endangered. The Valencian government coalition has been tinkering for a long time with suppressing Spanish and forcing Valenciano. Don't you care? OK, but not the doctors.

As El Mundo reported on 4 November, the nationalists are planning, through the back door of the draft budget, an obligation for all public service employees to demand qualifications in Valenciano. Because of this obligation, there are already shortages of doctors in the Balearic Islands.

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Even more taxpayers' money for separatists

10 days ago we already reported about the 40.000 Euro gift of the Valencian government to the organization Acontracorrent, which sees fascism in everyone who does not support the cause of the separatists.

Valencian separatists can also count on direct support from Catalan taxpayers' money. Since 1984, 30.5 million euros have flowed to the Valencian Acció Cultural, officially for the dissemination of the Catalan language, Las Provincias on 28.10. and on 30.10. reports that Acció Cultural uses the received tax money to lead a campaign against Llarena, the judge who sent several Catalan separatist leaders into custody.

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Catalan Government Admits: "Total Catalanization" Endangers Spanish

With this news El Mundo surprises its readers this morning. This news is surprising, because the Catalan government finally admits what is not a secret.

The Catalan government has a language policy like Franco. Immersion is to become total. This was reported yesterday by the newspaper ABC. "The Generalitat's new language plan extends immersion into Catalan to extracurricular and leisure activities," writes ABC. English should be put in the foreground because we have a new multicultural reality.


Valencian taxpayer money for an imperial Catalonia!

?The Valencian government not only supplies the coffers of traditional Catalan institutions such as the Acció Cultural de País Valencià and its satellites or the Escola Valenciana. It also generously subsidizes organizations that are committed to Catalonia's independence and enthusiasm for the 'països catalans'... ?reports Las Provincias in its October 21, 2018 issue. The Vice President of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, is responsible for the provision of 40,000 euros to the organization Acontracorrent.

Acontracorrent is a student organization that supports the separatists and 'martially identifies' Valencia as the tomb of fascism, is explained further. What this is meant to be is difficult to understand, unless one knows that many separatists understand and insult all persons who do not share their views per se as fascists.

All of us who live in Valencia pay taxes. Whether income tax or the IVA, the value added tax when shopping. We should know that part of our money goes into the pockets of those who promote Catalan conditions here.

Teachers rebel against separatist harassment

On 15.10. El Mundo reported on harassment that teachers in Catalonia had to face because they did not bow to separatist dictates.

?20 people circled me and called me fascists? this seems to be the least part of the problem. ?If you dare to demand that the law be respected, ie 25% of the hours spent in Spanish, you will be attacked. I was told that such a proposal was indecent,?says Chari Gálvez from Sabadell.

The list of incidents could be extended arbitrarily. But the dissidents with the official line of the Catalan government, who until now kept silent to avoid problems, have begun to raise their voices, the newspaper reports. Of course, there are also many teachers who have left Catalonia because they are afraid of reprisals against their children.

77 teachers have now written a manifesto against indoctrination in Catalonia.

To the manifesto - tanslated into English »

Separatists let their masks drop more and more

Recently, a member of the Teachers' Union (AMES) drew my attention to an order from the Catalan Ministry of Education dated June 20, 2018. This statement ?is the most important thing to follow, because it is what the inspectors monitor? and it concerns the treatment of languages in the education system, with some noteworthy features.

The text is only published in Catalan, although Spanish is also the official language according to the Catalan Constitution. I ask how that can be and the answer of my friend from AMES is: ?In Catalonia, the Ministry of Education does not use Spanish or Castilian for writings intended for Catalonia. I do not know if it could be denounced, but if it were done and there was a decision against it, the Catalan government would not comply and the Spanish government would look the other way. It is so, though it is hard to believe.?


What do Catalonia and Ukraine have in common?

Today the German online magazine Telepolis published a frightening report on the treatment of the Ukrainian government, which can be said to have a certain closeness to fascists, with the minorities in Ruthenia, a south-western region of Ukraine. (inter alia they report about death lists against Hungarians, but that is not our concern in this blog)

What is common in this report with the situation in the so-called Catalan countries?


Language dictatorship further intensified

As the Spanish newspaper "OKDIARIO" revealed, some schools in Valencia, with the approval of the Valencian government, are moving directly to promote Catalan instead of Valenciano. Valenciano is a Catalan dialect, but perhaps not pure enough for the true pancatalanists.

OKDIARO writes, inter alia: "As some parents of Valencian schoolchildren told OKDIARIO, cases such as that of IES San Antonio de Benageber, are a sample of how minors are indoctrinated in 'their language', which is 'Catalan' throughout the entire compulsory education with the absolute complacency of the Government of the Generalitat Valenciana. "


Catholic Church, Spanish, Catalan or Valencian?

On 6 October, "Las Provincias" published an article about a group of priests of the Catholic Church (Seglars i Rectors del Dissabte) who have been calling for the introduction of Valenciano into the liturgy for more than 40 years. The church leadership in Valencia had always opposed this.

It is quite understandable that the large minority representing the Valenciano speakers in Valencia would like to hold their worship service, as far as it concerns the faithful, in their language, in Valenciano.


Escola Valenciana

On Oct. 3, "Las Provincias" reported that the "Escola Valenciana" had been supported by the Catalan government with approx. 2 million euros since 2005.

It reports in detail: "The composition of the subsidies to which this newspaper had access shows a constant flood of subsidies from the Catalan autonomous administration, which range from 8,450 euros - the lowest - to 290,000 euros. The total amount is 1,949,257 euros. The year with the largest financial support was 2008, when Catalan support exeeded 600,000 euros. The purpose of most of this aid appears to sponsor the concept of 'promotion of the Valenciano'".

The newspaper also explains: "The Escola Valenciana is a coalition of associations whose social aim is to promote Valencian and make it the main language in the teaching of the community".

The politician Giner of the political party Ciudadanos called for the closure of the subsidy tap into public funds used to promote pancatalanism. I believe that this demand is all the more justified because the Pan-Catalanist promotion of Valenciano is only linked to the suppression of Spanish as a language and, for example, to deny parents the right to decide on the language of instruction of their children in public schools.

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Myths and deceptions of Catalan nationalism

Peredo Alvaro discovered on his homepage "piratas&emperdores" the myths and impostures of Catalan nationalism.

Here you'll find the translation

The strategy of recatalanization

1980 the Spanish journal "El Periodico" published a secret document about the strategy of the Catalan government. It shows in a frightening way the actual spiritual world of the separatist leaders.

Now it is available in english translation.

the separatist's imperial claim

The Catalan government exports the conflict into communities with Catalan population, supporting all efforts of the separatists including financial means to destroy Spain.
An important tool is the establishment of a language dictatorship that is not afraid to use the same means as Franco.

Separatist indoctrination

In 2017, the teachers' union AMES published a study on school textbooks, as they appeared in Spain and in Catalonia on the same topic. In this study the indoctrination becomes clear, as it describes how Separatists operate. It is now translated into English

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The title says: "Catalonia, a conflict is exported. Insights of a migrant"
Sorry, up to now, this book is only available in German. However, drop us a line, if you are interested to learn more Contact.