Tabarnia is the industrial region of Barcelona and Tarragona

The idea of Tabarnia initially arose as a mockery of the separatists. They exchanged words in their slogans "Spain" with "Catalonia" und "Catalonia" with "Tabarnia".

Thus, for example, the slogan "España nos roba" became the slogan "Cataluña nos roba" (Spain/Catalonia robs us)

What initially emerged as a parody seems to be becoming a political demand. If Catalonia were to split off, the Tabarnians would demand to be split off Catalonia.

Tabarnia is already united under one flag

Here are the links to the (Spanish-speaking) homepages in alphabetical order:

Barcelona ist nicht Katalonien (bcnisnotcat)


Tabarnia - Acta est fabula

Somos Tabarnia

ANT Assamblea Nacional de Tabarnia kind of „mirrors“ the ANC Assamblea Nacional de Cataluña, dead serious and ironically at the same time

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