English lessons give a semblance of plurality and democracy!

Again and again I am asked if it really is so bad with the export of separatism from Catalonia to Valencia and the Balearic Islands. The new legislation in the Comunidad Valencia displaces the Spanish in school lessons to 0-25% and that is negative, but the strengthening of English lessons is still positive.

In my book „Catalonia: A conflict is being exported“, I have pointed out that there will be no strengthening of English teaching, because there are not enough trained staff. Strengthening English lessons is a mere delusion.

So you like to remember the above two quotes, of which more can be found at: The bilingualism must disappear You will need them when talking to teachers or with politicians in upcoming elections.

Or remember, if there were massive riots on December 21 because the Spanish Council of Ministers wants to meet in Catalonia. Separatists have announced demonstrations that could quickly turn violent. We do not need riots in Catalonia nor in Valencia nor in the Balearic Islands.

The separatist leaders are not concerned about freedom and democracy. They are mainly concerned with the division of Spain and Europe. They fool with their demands just as they do with their arguments for strengthening English teaching. Of course, the latter would be fine if it really worked, but not at the expense of Spanish lessons.
December 17,2018