Catalan Government Admits: „Total Catalanization“ Endangers Spanish

The Catalan Ministry of Education justifies its totalization on the grounds that English is becoming more and more important in the labor market and that Catalan children from more than 150 countries are attending school quoted El Periódico yesterday.

There is no question that English is the most important language in science and business. In 2nd place is Chinese, directly followed by Spanish, one can read everywhere. The Eton Institute puts it even at 1st place.

If the Catalan government took its own arguments seriously, it would have to banish Catalan and not Spanish. Above all, because Spanish citizens should be linguistically in a position to co-determine the affairs of state, which is only possible if one can also talk to the other Spaniards.

Quite apart from the fact that the majority of Catalans have Spanish as their mother tongue, the right of parents to determine the choice of language in the education of their children is violated.

The Catalan lessons should offer Spanish and Catalan according to the wishes of the parents. When parents decide that their child should only learn Catalan and English. OK. But it cannot become true that the separatists decide that all children should only learn Catalan and English.

All the more dangerous is the fact that the Valencian government has now reduced Spanish in kindergartens (infantile) to 25%, in many cases even to 0%. Their expressively stated aim is, to introduce immersion in the Valencian schools, too.