Even more taxpayers' money for separatists

There is no reason why the minority of Valencians who speak Valenciano should not be subsidised with taxpayers' money in their efforts to promote their culture and language. But the issue is that these funds are being used to support separatism. The aim of the Acción Cultural is to support pancatalanism (països catalans), as this can be seen in Wikipedia, which substantiates this fact with numerous references.

Acció Cultural is practically the daughter organization of Òmnium Cultural, the Catalan cultural organization that fights for the independence of Catalonia and a Catalan empire that extends beyond it, they organize demonstrations and are actively involved in the Catalan language dictatorship. Some of the leaders of this sham-cultural separatist organization have now been in custody for about a year „thanks to judge Llarena“. The protests against their incarceration is being financed by our taxpayers' money.

To avoid any misunderstandings: Few deny that the Spanish judiciary is politically motivated in its action against the separatist leaders. The question is whether this approach is conducive to a peaceful solution of the conflict because

* the separatist movement leaders are being placed in custody and challenged by the judiciary that their views are criminal and against the law whilst the majority of this movements followers are being seduced by their rhetoric and thus thus also labelled as criminal.
* Martyrs are created unnecessarily
* the Madrid central government wish that their failures and mistakes are quickly forgotten
* the sometimes brutal and unnecessary police action against the illegal referendum will not be forgotten
* legal debates will only destract the attention away from the real problems in Spain

But none of this is a reason, to provide any political movement, justified or unjustified, with taxpayers' money to further their cause. And, by the way, from these points of view, why not release these separatist leaders that are in custody yet to be charged and charge them, together with the other separatist leaders in Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands, with a more substantive charge of misusing/wasting tax payers money? Should they also be punished for depriving parents of the right to decide on the language of their children's education? (Art. 26 (3) Human rights)