Catholic Church, Spanish, Catalan or Valencian?

On Oct. 7th, the newspaper „Las Provincias“ adds now reporting, that an examination in Valenciano should be a prerequisite for a priestly ordination in the Diocese and that priests in office should be retrained. Furthermore, in this context and with regard to the Catalan secessionist process, they have spoken out in favour of the right to self-determination and a coordinated referendum.

To speak and use Valenciano is a right that nobody should be denied. If it has so far been forbidden or not promoted by the leadership of the Church, it is a matter for the Church, not a public matter. In the Catholic Church there are also discussions about the use of Latin instead of a modern language in the liturgy. If this is the choice of Catholics they can do as they wish.

Remarkable is the fact that these priests now openly support the Catalan separatists, especially when we know that the same separatist aspirations in Valencia are promoted by the Catalan government.

Separatism and the support of the Catalan Catholic Church are already leading to conflicts among Catalan Catholics. As they have difficulties to celebrate their services in Spanish, the Catalan majority language. This is vividly described in an article by Román Langosto: „The separatist priests“, who rightly asks which language one uses when one is in need and prays.

No language should be imposed on anyone. The demand to choose another language divides people. Atheists also want to express themselves in their mother tongue when they want to turn to a confidant on complicated, personal matters.

The separatists in Catalonia suppress Spanish in schools and punish its use in part. How much support do the Valencian priests actually expect for their demand if they support those who deny Spanish speakers the right to their language?
see the article by Román Langosto: "The separist Priests" »