Beware of Sánchez!

There is little doubt that the Balearean decree violates the Balearic Constitution. The Valencian Government had aready refused to implement such a decree for the Valencian health service, because all their other decrees on violating language rights have already been rejected by the Valencian high court.

The PSOE in Andalucia has already received its reprimand for its policy, which is to betray the interests of voters at the exact moment when it looks to retain their government-posts. The result of their policy is that now the ultra-right party VOX is represented in the Andalusian parliament and supports the government of PP and Ciuadadanos.

To Germans this is already very familiar. The ultra-right AfD sits in the Bundestag (German parliament) because the Grand Coalition of CDU and SPD (Conservatives and Social Democrats) has increasingly on many issues ruled against the voters. The policy of open borders with uncontrolled immigration was probably not insignificant in the election decision in Germany, similar to Andalusia.

So as not to give the impression that we wanted to give recommendations for right-wing parties here, we would like to point out that there are also left-wing parties fighting language decrees and separatism. For example, dCIDE. (Centro Izquierda de Espana, roughly: Central Left of Spain or center left of Spain). The goals of this party can be read here (in Spanish): The Spain that unites us

But please, we do not give any positive voting recommendation on this blog. But one should not vote for a party that actively or passively supports the language dictatorship or separatism.

In the spring, elections will take place throughout Spain. It looks like Sánchez is now trying to prevent elections at national level. He makes concessions to the separatists in order to maintain their postitions/posts at all costs. Therefore, he also conceals the entire contents of the 21 demands that Catalan President Torra has handed over to him in their negotiations on December 21st 2018.

However, EU citizens can only vote in local elections anyway. A good opportunity to ask all politicians about the language dictatorship and then make your decision based on their response. But elections alone are not enough, we also need to increase direct pressure, e.g. in talks with the teachers at the schools.