Pídelo en Español

This enlightenment, which has been necessary when we consider that many Spaniards are not aware [1], what kind of language dictatorship prevails e.g. in Catalonia. Even today, many of the Spanish mainstream media outlets seem to think this success hardly worth mentioning, and that for example, the death of an American cartoonist appears to be more important.

The law proposed by Hablamos Español is based on the language guidelines that exist in autonomous areas with more than one language. It demanded that the freedom of choice of language must be above all other rules.

„Pídelo en Español“ (Demand Spanish) is the next campaign that Hablamos Español wants to launch. It's about ensuring the authorities to serve/respond completely in Spanish upon request. It should not matter of course, if you are in an area, where many tourists and foreign residents are more likely to meet administrations that are linguistically sensible or even friendly.

Due to the collected signatures, Congress now has to deal with the legislative initiative. We will continue to report on the progress of this initiative.

[1] Even abroad, very few facts are known about the language dictatorship.
„El confidencial digital“ unveiled on 29.09. 2017: „At the end of September 2017 there was a press conference in which we talked about why there is no mobilization of the independence opponents. Representatives of „The Times“, „Le Monde“, „The Mirror“, „ARD“, „Il Mattino“ and many more attended the conference. Members of the press were surprised to hear that many students in Catalonia cannot learn Spanish because of Catalan language immersion (a child during school hours is taught in, and speaks only Catalan). They complained that „The Spanish government has never gathered us together to sell us a story“, said foreign correspondents. „On the other hand, the Diplocat - the external organ of the Generalitat - and the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) invite them (the journalists) for breakfast and even give them gifts, in short, they 'care' much more about them.“
You could scoff, we know that certain politicians need presents, but do Spanish journalists?

The report of „El confidencial digital“ is no longer available on the net. See here for yourself the ScreenPrint