What do Catalonia and Ukraine have in common?

As early as 2014, the Ukrainian parliament had tried to abolish Russian as a regional language as one of his first acts after the Majdan riots. The FAZ (German conservative newspaper, like e.g. The Times) cited the expert on Eastern Europe Gerd Hentschel in an article with the words: „The attempt to abolish Russian was a stupidity“.

Now, according to Telepolis, the Ukrainian government has passed a law „that in 2020, in primary schools may only be taught in Ukrainian ... This is especially true against the Russian speakers in the south and east of the country, but is also true against Romanian and Hungarian speakers.“

Also in Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands there is a language dictatorship by the separatists, which is not directly prohibiting, but like Franco displacing Spanish lessons largely from the schools. As a reminder, Franco had not forbidden Catalan, but massively limited. In Catalonia, companies today are prohibited from publishing in Spanish only and they will be punished if they do. The administrations also tries to enforce Catalan/Valenicano as their only language.

If the Separatists manage to separate Catalonia from Spain, can we expect a Spanish ban?