Petition failed for the time being

The office maintained, that they had only 455,685 signatures recognized and thus refused to allow the petition to go to Congress. A reason why almost 10% of the votes were not recognized, the initiative Hablamos Español did not provide, but let it be understood that there are doubts about the decision of the office, because signatures from the province of Seville could not be delivered in time due to a serious illness.

However, it's clear anyway that the signatures for the petition are not enough to accept the demands for language freedom. More pressure must be put on all members of the congress.

Hablamos Español writes: „Politicians are still afraid to apply a policy of linguistic freedom in Spain.“ And „We are well aware that this problem will not be solve with percentages, concessions and complexes.“

„We will submit it to the next legislature again,“ announces the initiative.

The next elections will probably come next spring. As EU citizens, we also have a say in it. If the British brexit, at least there are Irish and all the other EU-natonalities, who read this English anouncement.
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