Separatists let their masks drop more and more

Unfortunately one has to believe, if one looks at the text of this instruction. Although the Catalan Education Act of 2009 had highlighted Catalan's particular importance, it was nevertheless mentioned in Article 10: „The curricula must ensure complete mastery of the official Catalan and Spanish languages“. This has been a waste of paperwork in Catalonia for a long time.

Now it only says: „Taking into account the priority objectives of the education system in relation to linguistic issues, schools need to ensure that: 2a.) Catalan throughout Catalonia and Aranese[1] ... are considered to be actual languages that are normally used as lingua franca and for learning the education system.“ In 2b.) it says then „After completing compulsory education, the students speak the official Catalan and Spanish languages ...“, but it remains completely unclear how to achieve this, especially, when Spanish has not even been mentioned as a co-official language under 2a.)

Under 2.1.) „The use of the center[2]“ the mask then will be dropped completely: „Education legislation states that the Catalan language must be the means of communication and communication both in the center's internal activities and in the external projection. The Catalan language is not just an object language for learning. It is the language of the institution and therefore the language of ordinary use in all areas of the center, in the relationship with the educational community and with all social classes in general.“

This style continues. The Spanish-speaking majority is made to use Catalan as the predominant language. In view of Madrid's appeasement policy and the successful indoctrination of many, especially young Catalans, it is obvious that one can always act more openly. The Valencian politicians, too, are trying less and less to hide their true pan-Catalan intentions.

The Valencian „Las Provincias“ quoted in its issue of 13.10. a politician denouncing these conditions: „Unfortunately, we have examples and constancy of this independence policy, which aims to impose Valenciano on its imaginary 'Catalan countries', as in the video of the current Vice-President Monica Oltra, where she realizes that it is daring to speak of 'Catalan countries' in the Valencian Community but they would use it with people they trust.“ In the video, Oltra admits that „we never use the term 'països katalans' (Catalan countries) except in our events, with friends and family“

[1] Catalonia has 3 co-offical languages, Spanish, Catalan and Aranese, spoken in the Aran Valley, a small valley in the northwest of Catalonia
[2] center refers to educational centres and includes kindergartens, schools, universities etc.
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