What is required?

If you are
* sceptical of conservatives and socialists, no extremist
* retired and willing to do something that helps you escape some aspects of your life that may be a little mundane/boring
* prepared to be possibly insulted by readers

then please contact us and help to get an English version of this book on the market.

The book has about 150 pages referencing more than 200 sources. The author speaks English and has a grood grasp of English grammar, but is far from being perfect.

Please contact us on: info@catalonia-conflict.eu

For those, who understand German: Hier geht's zur Leseprobe »
The index of the books reads (google translated):

1 A conflict that still reactivated me at 70
2 Languages in Catalonia / Catalan languages
2.1 Language dictatorships
2.1.1 Catalan under Franco
2.1.2 Restrictive language policy in Europe
2.2 Valenciano vs. Spanish in the schools of Valencia
2.2.1 History of 'plurilingüismo' in Valencia
2.2.2 The current situation - pupils used as guinea pigs?
2.2.3 Presentation of the current situation at a school
2.2.4 Contradictory information policy
2.3 Bilingualism and Immersion in Catalonia
2.3.1 Concerted schools - a special feature in Spain
2.4 Balearic Islands? Let's get out of here!
2.4.1 Doctors escape in Catalonia
2.5 Language dictatorship: From bad to ridiculous
2.6 Four-language Switzerland: role model?
3 The laws: Are they allowed?
3.1 The Constitutions
3.2 Penalties for non-application of Catalan
3.3 The Catalan Education Act of 2009
3.3.1 Decree on the Organization of Compulsory Secondary Educationof 2015
3.4 Decrees on Valencianisation
4 Catalonia as a destination for migration
4.1 Migration for 100 years
4.1.1 Spanish has been part of Catalan culture for centuries
4.2 The recatalanization
4.2.1 EnfoCATs
4.3 Catalonia - imperial?
5 Separatism and Europe
6 Indoctrination?
6.1 Newspapers
6.2 Radio and television
6.2.1 Tax money for Independence Campaigns
6.3 The school books
6.4 Extremists in Catalonia
6.5 Practical impact at a Valencian school
6.5.1 Parental Rights and Politicians
6.5.2 Natives, EU citizens and migration
6.5.3 The weaker language
6.6 Enemy picture and victim role
6.6.1 Structure of an enemy picture
6.6.2 Victim role
6.6.3 The Spanish judiciary as a scape goat
6.7 Orwell in Catalonia?
7 politics
7.1 Spain deprives Catalonia?
7.1.1 The figures of the fiscal deficit
7.1.2 Haggling and the usual slogans
7.2 The political protagonists
7.2.1 Political parties
7.2.2 The election program of the JpC
7.2.3 The ideological explanation of the ERC
7.2.4 Compromís
8 Corruption
9 Latent racism
9.1 The wealth of the Catalan bourgeoisie
10 Successful Separate Foreign Propaganda
10.1 Spotlight Catalonia
10.2 University of Frankfurt / Main
10.3 German Catalan Association
11 Left-right?
11.1 Separatism and nationalism
11.2 Language policy
11.3 Social distribution
12 The Unionists - helplessly fragmented?
12.1 Madrid
12.2 Tabarnia: From satire to real resistance?
12.3 hispanohablantes