Karl Jacobi: Mayor candidate for Barcelona

The candidacy of Jacobi is another sign of the growing resistance against separatism and corruption in Catalonia and ultimately throughout Spain.

Karl Jacobi is an entrepreneur and has lived in Barcelona for 36 years, he is married to a Barcelonina and has 2 daughters. It would be fair to assume that he leans toward the conservative camp.

Asked why he does not run for the PP or the Ciudadanos, he provides two reasons: 1.) He is an entrepreneur and not a politician. 2.) He hates the corruption.

For almost all questions on how to tackle the urgent problems of Barcelona, in particular the growing crime, his answer is simple: One must apply the law.

Jacobi cites several statistics about the decline of the economy of Catalonia and Barcelona in particular. Noticeable among these numbers is the decline in Tourism by approx. 40%, which can clearly be attributed to the increasingly militant activities of the separatists.

This gives an insight as to why this candidacy is significant for Spain, Europe and the Autonomous Territories.

Separatism is a carcinoma and its symptoms/effects are not felt anywhere so clearly as in Barcelona, the Capital city where a greater majority has voted against separatism when compared to the rural areas of Catalonia, where an albeit small majority but still a majority, voted against separatism. Barcelona the city, now suffers the most under the separatism.

In spring, local elections (Elecciones municipales) will take place throughout Spain. All EU citizens have the right to vote at a local level in Spain. You only have to register to participate in the elections. (For the British only, if they don't Brexit)

Suggestions to be explored prior to casting your vote should be:

* Does the party that you want to vote for support the separatists, actively or passively?
* Does it actively support freedom of speech and education?
* Is it as nationalist, as the Catalan separatists? (meaning politics of confrontation as e.g. Partido Popular) Or is it looking for peaceful solutions?

Under passive support, it may mean separatists in the government are left to wreak havoc, for example like in Valencia, the Ministry of Education is therefore allowed to impose minority languages on our children and indoctrinate them nationalistically.

If you would like to learn more about Jacobi's party, click: NOSOTROS