The 21 points proposal from Torra

Torra himself is a racist who excelled in extreme hate speech. Here is just one example of how he thinks about Spaniards and Spanish speakers in Catalonia and writes: „Now you look at your country and see how the beasts talk again. But they are of a different kind. Scavengers, vipers, hyenas. Beasts of human form, however, who drink hatred. A disturbed hate, disgusting as dentures with mold, against everything that represents the language. They are here, among us. Everything Catalan repels them. It's a sick phobia. These animals have something Freudian. Or a small break in their DNA chain.“

Those who have not realized yet that this demand corresponds to the famous „Stop the Thief!“ Recall that Torra handed over this list immediately after having decorated the tomb of Francesc Macià with flowers. Francesc Macià was a member of the so-called „left“ ERC and on 14 April 1931 had undertaken a coup d'etat attempt financed by the fascist Mussolini.

This man, Torra said at the end of his list, should be emulated by the Catalans.

Incidentally, the third requirement in the 21 point proposal is that an international commission be convened to mediate the conflict. It should be remembered that the conflict is a conflict between Catalans and not a conflict between Catalonia and Spain. The Catalan government does not even have the majority of the Catalans behind themselves, even though it has a majority in parliament due to the electoral system. In that sense, Spain should finally play a mediating role in this intra-Catalan conflict. It would almost always be enough to just apply the law at least, instead of allowing the Catalan government to consistently break it.

The only reminder of these violations is that the Generalitat is suppressing the Spanish language in schools and punishing Catalans who do not advertise their business in Catalan.

In the end, how useful would it be to allow basic decisions with simple majorities? In Germany, for example, a 2/3 majority is needed for constitutional amendments. Which is a nonsense and what unrest can be instigated with simple majorities in fundamental questions, we all can see currently with the Brexit.