Valenciano is coming? Qualified doctors leave!

On the Balearic Islands, the imposition to qualify for Valenciano has existed since the end of March. As a result, there have already been several demonstrations of the medical personnel under the motto: „Languages don't heal! !“

On June 1, 2018, the German Costa Blanca News reported under the heading: „Language decree expels doctors!“ that by the end of May 19 doctors had already left the islands.

During this period, Spanish newspapers published shocking reports on the impact on the islands.

El Mundo writes that the latest draft for the regulation states: „Due to its specialisation, the health sector deserves different legal treatment to ensure that there is no 'talent drain', especially among medical staff“.

Should such manoeuvres be trusted? In the Balearic Islands, it was of no use and the Valencian government, with its last attempt to make Valenciano the only language in the administration, could only be stopped by a decision of the Supreme Court.

You are not worried because the Valenciano rule only applies to public service employees and because you are privately insured? Hopefully you will not have an accident and need a surgeon who knows his job instead of having wasted his time learning Valenciano!