Language dictatorship further intensified

The newspaper adds: „Teachers in some schools tell students that their language is Catalan“, the parents say, „they no longer see themselves as Valencians but Catalans.“ They conclude: „If a child has been internalized since childhood, that his language is Catalan and studies Catalan literature with a touch of manipulated Catalan history, what happens then? Pankatalan nationalists will gradually fatten their ranks in this way.“

The basis for these measures is Law 4/2018 on so-called multilingualism, passed under the leadership of the reactionary nationalist Minister of Education, Vicent Marzá. This law provides, as an experiment, that children who are now enrolled in primary school will be largely excluded from Spanish classes. There is a minimum of 25% for Spanish and 10% for English, but that is waste paper. In many municipalities of Valencia, Spanish is no longer offered at all and there are not enough qualified teachers for teaching English. And of course, Spanish and English is reduced to subjects like physical education, music only.
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