Gaps in history
Indoctrination in figures

16. Mai 2024

If you want to plan better for the future, you should learn from history. History always has a prehistory. The Second World War is a consequence of the Versailles peace treaty at the end of the First World War and Versailles in turn... The gap in my history lessons in a German school was that history stopped with Bismarck at some point, so during that time at school we avoided dealing with National Socialism and Hitler.

After a petition by 190,000 petitioners in 2019 to regulate university admissions uniformly across Spain failed to have any effect, the teachers' union AMES has now published an article on a study by the organisation „Escuela de Todos“1 comparing the content of university entrance exams (EBAU) in the various autonomous communities in Spain. I find the results for the area of history extremely astonishing and when you look at them, you start to realise what kind of indoctrination is possible in schools with such gaps.

University entrance examinations in the various Autonomous Communities

The table above refers to the subject History of Spain.

In the top row „Etapa histórica“ the years of the stage to be worked on are listed and in the row below „% Fijado de Ministerio“ the percentages of influence that the questions corresponding to each period should have on the final mark of the exam are indicated. The left column lists the different autonomous regions. Furthermore: „Percentages that are more than double and less than half of the percentages recommended by the Ministry of Education are highlighted in red.“

The red blocks are noticeably concentrated in the autonomous regions with a regional language, where separatist tendencies also play a significant role. It is also astonishing that in Andalusia-Ceuta-Melilla, history before 1474 is recorded with only 7.5%. Ceuta and Mellila are Spanish exclaves on the north coast of Africa; the Iberian Peninsula was not finally conquered by the Christian kings until 1492 in Granada, Andalusia, and ended with the expulsion of the „Moros“.

I asked the president of the union again: „Does this mean that there are no history lessons in Catalonia until 1902, or does it simply mean that no questions are asked in the EBAU until 1902?“

The answer: „Yes, NOTHING from before 1902 is explained in the baccalaureate level in Catalonia. It is said that it was learnt before that in compulsory secondary school. This allows us not to talk about the centuries in which Spain was a great economic and cultural power in the whole world, and all the time to talk about its decline. Because after the Spanish-American countries and the Philippines became independent from Spain, especially after the independence of Cuba, it was no longer profitable for Catalan businessmen to stay with Spain, and so Catalan nationalism was revitalised.2 + 3

All this information is contained in Catalan Decree 171/2022 of 20 September, on the organisation of the Baccalaureate with regard to the content of the subject „History of Spain“. By the way, they don't call it „History of Spain“, but simply „History“. Another example of the Catalan secessionist government's reluctance to write the word Spain.“

I leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions as to the indoctrination that may lie behind these figures and in this context I would like to remind you of three particularly serious indoctrinations among many:

Total monitoring of use of language in schools planned
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1 The study not only examined the field of history, but also "Spanish Language and Literature II" and "Mathematics II"

2 HJ: The Spanish colonies became independent in the 19th century, and the independence of Cuba and the Philippines was replaced by the neo-colonisation of the USA.

3 HJ: The desire for Scottish independence also increased with the discovery of oil in the North Sea. What a coincidence!
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Ein wichtiges Instrument ist dabei die Errichtung einer Sprachdiktatur, die sich nicht scheut, die gleichen Mittel wie Franco einzusetzen.

Separatistische Indoktrination

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