A strong announcement
Get the ideology out of the classrooms

June 15, 2023

The new Valencian president announced that he had already named the person for the Ministry of Education who would put an end to ideology in the classrooms. „This ministry is the most sensitive area of the future government with Vox, the first in a community with a two official languages.“ (El Mundo)

This announcement coincides with a ruling by the highest Valencian court that wants to put an end to „discrimination against Spanish in classrooms“ (Las Provincias)

What can we expect from these promises?

The last few weeks have understandably not been the focus of public interest regarding language imposition in light of the upcoming local and regional elections. Which is why there has been nothing significantly new to report on this blog. The government in the autonomous province of Valencia is now formed by a coalition of the PP with VOX. The announcement of the new president Carlos Mazón is promising, although the question remains why he has not yet announced the name of his candidate for the post of Minister of Education. What is known is that VOX has claimed the ministry. Not yet known are the factual questions and answers on which the coalition has agreed.

VOX had promised to advocate for freedom of choice of languages in schools. Which would mean allowing parents to have their children taught 100% in Spanish, 100% in Valenciano, or mixed.

The PP did not express itself in this way. It continued to believe that the government, not parents, should determine the lingua franca in the classroom, putting an end to discrimination against Spanish. Ultimately, the how remained unclear. Even the court's ruling only confirms that discrimination of Spanish must end.

Presumably, we will not expect clear statements before July 23, the day of the early national elections. I await the expected language decrees and their effective implementation with great excitement and skepticism.
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