PSOE Valencia supports language imposition
Tax money rains on separatists in Valencia

January 23, 2022

230,000 euros in taxes are being rained down again this year by the Valencian government led by Ximo Puig (PSOE) on organisations that support separatism in which they see the Comunidad Valenciana as part of the „paises catalanes“ (Catalan countries).

Immersion in the regional languages is now to be enforced not only in schools but also with families at home. „Our students go to schools, use our language, and when they come home they stop using it.“ said the outraged the Valencian Minister of Education Vicent Marzà of the Valencian Compromís party, which is extreme nationalist.

Perhaps it should be made clear that the pupils do not use „our“ language, but are forced to do so, which can be seen from the fact that they do not use it at home, at least obviously not the majority, whose mother tongue is Spanish. Valencians have two official languages, and this minister should be reminded of that.

It is normal that tax money is used to promote the culture and language of a country. In a country with two official languages like Valencia, this money should of course be available for both languages. However, it is used unilaterally only for the promotion of Valenciano and in that it goes, for example, to the Acció Cultural del País Valencià (ACPV), one has to ask why this Valencian organisation also receives funds from the Catalan Omnium Cultural. Many Valencians complain that the flow of money from Catalonia not only simply serves separatism, but also the Catalanisation of Valenciano, the Valencian regional language. Linguists argue about whether Catalan is a dialect of Valenciano or Valenciano a dialect of Catalan. But that's not what this is about. It's about the language imposition that should not be tolerated in any language, Spanish (as under Franco), Catalan or Valenciano.

Unfortunately, it has not become clear how Marzà wants to force Valenciano to be spoken at home. Spies have already been used in the schoolyard to try to enforce the compulsory use of the language in leisure time. That probably didn't work. Instead, contrary to the laws and also the rulings of the highest regional courts, attempts are being made to drive Spanish completely out of the schools. According to a report from 21.01.22, the highest court in Catalonia has now declared once again that at least 25% Spanish must be taught in schools and has given the Catalan government 10 days to instruct the schools and to enforce it until 20 March, after it has so far refused to take action.

In Valencia, too, a mother is denied that her child with Downs Syndrome can learn Spanish, as the newspaper ABC reported on 20 January. „My child doesn't understand a word in class, all the books are in Valenciano“. The minor, who is currently in the second cycle of early childhood education, has been recognised with a degree of disability of 33 per cent for just over two years. He has a disorder of verbal communication functions related to Down's syndrome, through which he shows a „practical lack of oral communication“ and the „constant use of incomprehensible words“, according to the reports submitted to the Valencian government.

If you want, you can now compare this with the beautiful words of the Spanish Ministry of Education on school inclusion: „Inclusive education must be conceived as a process that makes it possible to address and respond to the diversity of needs of all students, increasing their participation in learning and reducing exclusion from the education system.“ There are many more beautiful words, I will spare myself further translation.

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