Language Imposition: It's getting worse
Valencia's linguistic project - a farce!

February 1, 2021

Time and time again, the separatists in the Valencian government hide their language imposition to speak behind high-sounding names. But time and time again, but in reality, it is clear that they follow only their own intention and agenda: The suppression of everything Spanish and the compulsory use of Valenciano in schools as a means of indoctrination towards secession from Spain and incorporation into the imperial entity of „Independent Catalonia“.

At the moment, the children can still go to school, but think about what it means for the students whose parents do not know Valenciano and whose support and help they need when homeschooling. Many teachers certainly see it that way, and reports about the practice of this linguistic project are coming to light more and more.

The organisation „Hablamos Español“ reported on 29 January that secondary school teachers are concerned about the way this linguistic project will be implemented. I have translated this report.

„Secondary school teachers are informing Hablamos Español of the indignation in departmental meetings when dealing with the question of the distribution of languages per subject for the next academic year. The teachers ask us to point out that there is no participatory process as stipulated by law when it comes to drawing up the language projects of the schools. The families nor the teachers have a voice in this. Everything is arranged 'from above'. Secondary schools cannot teach fewer subjects in Valencian than the ones they had in their primary school of reference, and in these schools, the law obliged them to bring the percentage of Spanish to the minimum if they had any subject in Valenciano before this law came into force, and this happened in a generalised way in all the schools of the public network.“

In the following, the relevant laws are quoted and it continues.

„Given the insignificant presence of Spanish in public primary schools in the Valencian Community, with the exception of Castilian-speaking areas, there is no room for choice. This states in the Fifth Additional Provision of the law“

This Fifth Supplementary Provision reads: „The day-care centres and primary schools that have a multilingual education programme in Valenciano at the time of the entry into force of this Act must introduce a percentage of teaching in Valenciano equal to or higher than that approved and comply with the provisions of this Act which forms the multilingual and intercultural education programme“.

Hablamos Español goes on to say:

„Therefore, the participatory process that the law pretends to establish does not exist. In practice, the percentages in Valencian are imposed, leaving the presence of Spanish as an anecdote, both in Primary and Secondary education. On the other hand, the pedagogical criteria referred to in the law are also non-existent. No serious pedagogue would accept as positive that it is compulsory to study in a language other than one's mother tongue.

Hablamos Español warns that everything seems to indicate that the objectives of the Valencian government are to implement a system similar to that of Catalonia, and to extend it in the medium term to the Spanish-speaking areas, in the same way that in Navarre, Euskaldunisation will be extended to areas not considered to be Basque-speaking until now, whilst in the Basque Autonomous Community, model A, with Spanish as the vehicular language, is being eliminated.“

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