Is that democratic?

October 28, 2020

Article 6(3) of the Statute of Autonomy states: „The Generalitat will guarantee the normal and official use of the two languages“.

The supreme courts of Valencia and Spain have rejected all attempts by the Valencian Generalitat to obstruct bilingualism in favour of Valenciano. The PSOE and the Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, are not bothered. Together with Compromís and the bloc nacionalista valencià, they have once again rejected the bilingualism of our province, instructing that it is up to the administration to decide how to communicate with the citizens.

So it is not surprising that in Barcelona, simple shop assistants in a bakery now suffer insults and hate-attacks from the language dictators because they cannot speak Catalan.

Democracy means first and foremost that the people should decide. But it also means that minorities must be protected. The Valencian Autonomy Statute therefore clearly states in paragraph 4: „No one shall be discriminated against on the basis of language“. After all, Valenciano is the language of a significant minority in Valencia.

But this can be different in every village. While in the city of Valencia the majority of people speak Spanish as their mother tongue, there are many villages in the countryside where there is a majority of Valenciano speakers. To make it difficult for the Spanish speaking minorities in these locations to communicate in their mother tongue is a violation of democracy, how much more so in Valencia where this act is directed against the majority of the people?

It seems absurd how these parties keep working against the majority, against the constitution and against the judges at a time when the noose around the neck of those dependent on tourism is being tightened more and more while the ECB plans to abolish cash. In future, one could then levy exact taxes on exorbitant tips. After all, one cannot expect taxes from the billionaires who profit from the corona restrictions and had to be content with a meagre plus of only 27.5% (= 10.2 trillion dollars) from April to June.

Instead of finally de-privatising the health system and providing sufficient staff, they demand that every doctor must be able to speak Valenciano, knowing that other doctors will then leave Valencia. To avoid misunderstandings, communication in the health sector can be ensured in the patient's mother tongue even if not every doctor speaks Valenciano.

In an atmosphere marked by such government measures, I wonder when the first Spanish speakers in the Comunidad Valenciana will also be attacked with hate comments.

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