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Villajoyosa or La Vila Joiosa?

September 26, 2020

Since the spring, there seemed to be only one issue: the restrictions imposed by most European governments. One could almost believe that the forces that want to destroy the Spanish state in favor of regional forces have remained inactive.

The schools were closed and a positive side effect of homeschooling prevented that the students with Spanish mother tongue were forced to use a regional language every day. In fact, the language imposition intensified. In almost all regions with more than two official languages, the instructions that imposed restrictions were often only announced in the respective regional language. In order to know how to behave, one was forced to get precise translations in order to avoid punishment.

The Town Council of Villajoyosa, a small town north of Alicante, dominated by the PSOE, Compromís and Gent per La Vila joiosa - Cs, decided on September 17, 2020 that the Spanish name of the town should no longer be officially used in the future. Is this a reason for being upset?

The spontaneous feeling that creeps in, is, it can't be that important. Our daily worries tend to focus on other issues, especially now that the economy is largely down.

Right now, when other concerns plague us, it seems to be an easy task to insert another piece into the mosaic of the great frame of the language imposition, that serves separatism. They think, no one will resist. But enough is enough. This time it is the drop that makes the famous barrel overflow. Citizens of the city with the support of the organization „Hablamos Español“ call for a

Demonstration on October 11, in Villajoyosa
I urge all Democrats to remember and participate this Sunday.

It is useful to remember that the Villajoyosa City Council is a kind of super coalition. The PSOE corresponds to the Labours, Compromís to the Greens (regionally united with the right-wing Bloc Nacionalista Valencià) and the Gent per La Vila joiosa is related to the party of the Cs (Ciudadanos), which quasi emerged from the PP (conservatives).

Someone who is not so familiar with Spanish politics may now wonder and to their surprise, why the Cs, which in Catalonia together with the PP opposes separatism, makes such a decision possible. But this is not so surprising when we know that in Galicia the governing PP wants to impose a language imposition for the regional Galician, very similar to the language imposition by the separatists in Catalonia.

It is time we need to understand that, whether the Spanish parties call themselves right or left, the language imposition in Spain only serves to distract from more important issues. Unfortunately, all these parties agree on this behaviour.

We must show them that we do not want this quarrel and are in favour of the free choice of the official Spanish languages in all areas.

Whether you can come or not, please sign the petition: „I want Villajoyosa to remain an official name“, because of the bilingualism in the Comunidad Valencia, both names, Spanish and Valenciano must be preserved.

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