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The first news: the Basque regional government has issued a decree on the use of languages in the Basque Country, which is much more respectful of the use of Spanish than in the municipalities of Catalonia, Galicia and the Balearic Islands. This was reported by the organisation „Hablamos Español“ on Wednesday. The decree thus follows a doctrine of the Constitutional Court that the rights of citizens to be served in Spanish must be respected and that signs on public buildings must be bilingual. In addition, not all civil servants need to be bilingual, it is sufficient if bilingual staff are available.

Considering that the Basque Country was once threatened by terror, this is a very positive development, which could also serve as an example in Galicia, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia.

The second message[1] became known yesterday: The PSC (Socialist Party of Catalonia - Catalan part of the PSOE) wants to discuss at its congress whether the so-called inmersion should be made more flexible. Inmersion practically means that pupils in Catalan schools are taught only in Catalan, Spanish is taught only as a foreign language.

Unfortunately, the situation with bilingualism in Galicia, where the PP rules, is as catastrophic as in Catalonia. Extreme regional nationalism can therefore be found not only among the separatists and in parts of the so-called left, the PSOE and Podemos, but also among the conservative PP. A completely absurd situation.

If you still have doubts about the absurdity of the situation, please watch this video published on facebook

It shows an ABC primer for first-graders, where the alphabet is explained only by means of separatist symbols. For example: A = Asamblea Nacional Catalana, D = Dret a decidir, E = Estelada, I = Independencia, N = Nou estat d' Europa and so on. (A = Catalan National Assembly, D = right to self-determination (secession), E = Catalan flag, N = New State in Europe etc.)

It would be ridiculous if it were not so serious. It only reflects the indoctrination which is present in Catalan education as a whole and which has already been proven by the teachers' union AMES. The translation of this study can be found here

For today, however, we are pleased that there is movement in the matter.

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Myths and deceptions of Catalan nationalism

Peredo Alvaro discovered on his homepage "piratas&emperadores" the myths and impostures of Catalan nationalism.

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The strategy of recatalanization

1980 the Spanish journal "El Periodico" published a secret document about the strategy of the Catalan government. It shows in a frightening way the actual spiritual world of the separatist leaders.

Now it is available in english translation.

the separatist's imperial claim

The Catalan government exports the conflict into communities with Catalan population, supporting all efforts of the separatists including financial means to destroy Spain.
An important tool is the establishment of a language dictatorship that is not afraid to use the same means as Franco.

Separatist indoctrination

In 2017, the teachers' union AMES published a study on school textbooks, as they appeared in Spain and in Catalonia on the same topic. In this study the indoctrination becomes clear, as it describes how Separatists operate. It is now translated into English

Click here to read the study

Language imposition and democracy

An essay in 6 parts on the potentially violent effect of language imposition containing contributions from South Africa, Catalonia, Ukraine and France.

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The title says: "Catalonia, a conflict is exported. Insights of a migrant"
Sorry, up to now, this book is only available in German. However, drop us a line, if you are interested to learn more Contact.