100,000 euros penalty for Playmobil?

Playmobil is a global Nuremberg-based company, also based in Onil (Alicante / Spain). The Catalan „Plataforma per la Llengua“ (Platform for Language) has reported the company because it does not offer its clicks on the Internet in Catalan. The Catalan platform justifies its reporting by saying that the company „generates“ part of their clicks in „País Valencià (en Onil)“. Onil is a Catalan-speaking community (so El Mundo quotes the platform) and therefore Playmobil is obliged to publish in Catalan.

The Catalan Consumer Authority, that reports to the Catalan executive, has already opened an information file, a prerequisite for the start of criminal proceedings. We have to understand that, the separatists assume that the Comunidad Valenciana belongs to Catalonia. They call it paisos catalans!!

The PP has urged Prime Minister Sánchez and Valencians President Puig to prevent sovereignty motivated attacks against Playmobil and the Comunidad of Valencia.

If the separatists in the Catalan government succeed with their imperial encroachment, imagine what that means to you the owners of small businesses, i.e. bars, restaurantr, and hotels.

It is interesting to note that if you only publish in Valenciano or Catalan, you will of course not be punished. At least that is how the „Plataforma per la Llengua“ and the language laws in Catalonia are to be understood. Do the Catalan authorities now want to extend their language requirements to the entire EU? This is not yet known.