Half of PSOE voters reject dialogue with Torra

Karl Jacobi, mayor candidate for Barcelona, emphasized several times at his press conference that it would be sufficient to improve the situation if the existing laws were applied. The Catalan government disregards all laws and court decisions that support the majority of Catalans but do not support the Catalan government.

§155 governs the takeover of the Catalan Government by the Madrid Central Government. It has been used after the theater that Puigdemont performed after the illegal referendum in the autumn of 2017. The application of this paragraph of law was certainly correct at the time and served to enforce the free elections on 21. December.

Remember, these elections did not give the separatists a majority, despite the fact that they achieved a majority in parliament again, due to the electoral system, and thus put the government where they continue bluntly with their extremist policies under the leadership of President Torra.

To what extent the application of §155 in the current situation is tactically advantageous, is an open question. The separatists are just busy with internal fighting, the direct application of the §155 could make them united again! Surely there are other methods, perhaps more gentle but just as effective? The rights of the Catalan majority must ultimately be respected!