Wikipedia: „TV3 is the primary television channel of Catalan public broadcaster Televisió de Catalunya, a subsidiary of the CCMA. TV3 broadcasts programmes only in Catalan, with an optional dual track in the original language for some foreign-language series and movies, although Spanish is not dubbed or subtitled (for example during news broadcasts). TV3 is also a founding member of FORTA, the Federation of Autonomic Radio and Television Organizations of Spain. It is funded by the regional autonomous government, the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the CCMA. “

In october 2021 you'll find in the German edition of Wikipedia the following criticism: „Particularly in the course of Catalonia's independence efforts and the resulting Catalonia crisis, TV3 and its sister station, the news channel 3/24, have come under criticism, also from international media,[2] for being an exclusive mouthpiece of the independence supporters and for not fulfilling its public service mandate of balanced reporting. The French daily Le Monde, for example, writes:“

« Voilà des mois que la télévision publique catalane, TV3, matraque une propagande indépendantiste simpliste et mensongère. Et des mois qu’elle a recours à une rhétorique de victimisation qui veut faire croire, de façon grotesque, que la Catalogne est victime d’un retour de la dictature franquiste. Ce n’est pas le cas. »

For months, the public broadcaster TV3 has been spreading a simplistic and mendacious propaganda; for months, it has resorted to a rhetoric of harassment that grotesquely wants to make believe that Catalonia is the victim of a return of Franco's dictatorship - this is not the case.